Skiny Boo

Skiny Boo® Facial Slimming Massager Women V Shape Facial Lifting Device

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1. The EMS electronic pulse stimulates the muscles to face the face, guiding the muscles of the original uplift to smooth;

2. Multi-frequency pulse Megatron, improve the optimized line and realize the three-dimensional contour face;

3. Lift up and remove the striatum to move up the fat, lift the apple muscles, eliminate the masseter muscles on both sides, and remove the law lines;


Basic product parameters:

Battery: CR2032 button battery

Material: ABS+silicone

Weight without packaging: 123g

Size/size with color box: 25*9*3.5cm, 0.24kg

Weight without color box: 90g

Package Content:

1 x Facial lifting device , battery, silicone face-lifting patch, lanyard, gel sheet, manual, color box (optional)

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